16 Years Defining Excellence in Fine Dining

In 2007, an icon of gastronomy was born in Mexico: Harry’s Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar, the crown jewel of Grupo Anderson’s, the number one restaurant consortium in the country, celebrating its 60th anniversary. This opening marked the beginning of fine dining in Cancun and established unparalleled standards that have endured for 16 years.

The Art of Perfection in Every Detail

From the start, Harry’s stood out for its obsession with detail. Every dish, every cut of meat, is carefully selected, reflecting a commitment to culinary excellence. This meticulous approach catapulted Harry’s to a leadership position in the world of gastronomy.

Steak Cuts: Kobe, USDA Prime, and Black Onyx

Harry’s reputation was built on the unmatched quality of its steak cuts. Kobe, USDA Prime, Black Onyx: each cut is a masterpiece, a taste experience that transcends the ordinary. The selection of exotic seafood adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring a complete gastronomic experience.

From Cancun to Playa del Carmen: The Harry’s Experience Expands

Excellence knows no bounds. We have taken our remarkable concept not only to Cancun but also to Playa del Carmen. Now, more people can immerse themselves in the unique experience that only Harry’s can offer.

Remodeling in Polanco: Innovating for Your Pleasure

In Mexico City, the Harry’s restaurant in Polanco is undergoing renovation. This remodeling is a testament to the ongoing commitment to perfection. We seek to enhance your experience, surpassing our own expectations.

16 Years of Commitment: The Best Steakhouse in Mexico

With years of commitment, we continue to set the standard for excellence in fine dining. We are more than a restaurant; we are a unique gastronomic experience that celebrates every moment, every flavor, with the art of perfection.

Join us as we celebrate 16 years of friendship and excellence. At Harry’s, we don’t just have customers; we have guests. Welcome to the Harry’s experience, where every bite is a masterpiece!

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