At Harry’s, We’re Thrilled to Announce Our Pride Specials

Available until June 30th, join us in celebrating diversity and love with our delicious seasonal drinks and a specially crafted dessert for Pride Month.

Seasonal Drinks

Fruity: An Explosion of Flavors

Let yourself be carried away by the vibrant summer flavors with our Fruity cocktail. Crafted in collaboration with Puerto de Indias Gin, white wine, fresh lime juice, natural syrup, and a mix of fruits, this refreshing drink is a fruity delight perfect for celebrating Pride.

Pinky: A Sweet and Smoky Treat

For those who prefer something smokier, try our Pinky cocktail. Made in collaboration with Ojo de Tigre Mezcal, guava, agave honey, and fresh lime juice, this unique blend offers a perfect balance of sweetness and smokiness—an essential option for Pride Month!

Be Proud: Indulge in a Sweet Celebration

For dessert, we present Be Proud: a delicious treat that celebrates love in every bite. This dessert features a crunchy layer of semi-sweet chocolate, filled with white chocolate and whiskey cream, topped with a strawberry and blackberry compote. All on a cinnamon sponge cake base, this dessert is a charming way to conclude your Pride celebration at Harry’s.

Join Us for a Pride Celebration at Harry’s!

Come and experience the joy of Pride Month at Harry’s. Our Pride Specials are available for a limited time, so don’t miss the chance to enjoy these unique and delicious offerings. Visit us today and raise a glass to love, diversity, and acceptance. Let’s celebrate Pride together at Harry’s!


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