The Best Way to Cook a Tomahawk Steak

When it comes to savoring a premium meat cut, few can match the magnificence of a Tomahawk steak. This cut, with its long bone and marbled meat, is the ultimate choice for meat lovers seeking the best quality. But how can you prepare this meat cut in the best possible way? We’ll tell you below.

Choose the Highest Quality Meat

The foundation of any great Tomahawk is, of course, the meat itself. Opt for one of the highest quality options, such as Black Onyx, which features premium Australian beef. This cut is known for its exceptional marbling, which imparts an unmatched texture and flavor.

How to Marinate a Tomahawk Steak

Begin by taking it out of the refrigerator at least an hour before cooking. This allows the meat to reach room temperature, ensuring even cooking.

Next, season it with salt and pepper. You can add fresh herbs, garlic, and olive oil to enhance the flavor even further.

Grill or Cast Iron Skillet

One of the best ways to cook a Tomahawk steak is on the grill or in a cast iron skillet. Heat the grill or skillet over high heat to seal in the juices and achieve a delicious outer crust.

Place it on the hot grill or skillet and cook for a few minutes on each side until it reaches your desired level of doneness. For a 2 to 2.5-inch thick cut, this typically takes around 5-7 minutes per side for medium-rare.

Rest and Slice

Once it’s cooked to perfection, remove the Tomahawk from the heat and let it rest for a few minutes. This allows the juices to distribute, resulting in a more tender and juicy steak.

Then comes the exciting moment: slicing. Cut the meat into thick slices, making sure to include the bone for that characteristic Tomahawk presentation.

The Excellence of High-Quality Meat

If you’re eager to taste the finest Black Onyx Tomahawk, the answer is simple: visit Harry’s. Our commitment to excellence in meat cuts ensures an unforgettable culinary experience. Only at Harry’s can you savor the magnificence of a Black Onyx Tomahawk, premium Australian beef.

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