Harry’s celebrates the first Golden Specials edition

In order to promote gastronomic innovation, we have created a seasonal menu where you can find never before seen specialties, full of flavor and unique presentations, with gold as the main ingredient: The Golden Specials are a unique opportunity for our customers to delight themselves with incredible dishes within an exclusive menu: 

Risotto Luxe: 

Black rice, octopus, scallops, squid ink, Hondashi and butter over fresh vegetables. Topped with gold flakes.

Golden Specials Carpaccio Gold Food Harrys

Golden Rack:

Baked lamb, with apple puree, fresh mandarin salad, prune sauce and gold leaf.

Chocolate Gem: 

Layered with cheesecake, chocolate truffle, chocolate cake and red fruit compote, enjoy this exquisite dessert decorated with gold leaf.

Likewise, we have three premium beverages made with gold that converge perfectly with the gastronomic experience we have to offer. 

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